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Our artisans redefine the rules of elegance.

Our artisans have the dedication and inventive skill that break the boundaries of design. Their unique creations can be designed to your own specifications, and they can also create a new treasure from dated piece of jewelry. Elegance, refinement, innovation and a love for what they do enable them work pure magic. They are proficient in many methods of design, with distinctive capabilities in:

Hand Design. Hand sketches help you to refine your vision for your piece, and hand modeling (wax sculpting) enables the artist to carve intricate details to your exacting specifications.

Hand Engraving. We are the only jeweler in Charleston with the knowledge and skill to engrave by hand, Hand engraving imparts a character, look, and tone that is humanistic and truly unique.

Computer Assisted Design. In this method, a specialized wax prototype machine forms the wax based on a CAD design, which affords significant cost savings.

"Simply put, gemology has been my passion for 43 years." - Bill Sohn

Experience our award winning craftsmanship.

Rex McClure is the first Charlestonian to win Best of Show at the South Carolina Jewelers Association's annual design competition. This custom designed engagement ring won "Best of Show" and "People's Choice" in the association's annual design contest in 2012. Rex began his jewelry making in Wichita Falls, Texas many years ago. Ray Childress, a Choctaw Indian taught Rex basic hand making jewelry skills. Rex apprenticed under Richard Neller, a jeweler of the highest caliber, and under him, developed his skills in working with platinum and gold, finishing and fine jewelry. He also learned Hand Engraving from an old master engraver. His wife Kristina, the daughter of Bill Sohn is now Sohn and McClure Jewelers Master Engraver extraordinaire.

"I hope that I will fulfill my purpose in this life and to serve my fellows in this capacity. May you all be as graced as I am" - Rex McClure

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