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Earrings. Earrings make the perfect gift because they are always the right fit, and women are almost always wearing earrings. The three types of earrings are:

Hoops. Platinum, gold, or silver hoops give a feminine touch, and precious metals go with anything.

Studs. Because they're small, they are easy to wear, and go with most anything from a dress to jeans.

Drops. Drop earrings are made to dangle below their setting. Swaying with movement, they can add an elegant touch. Pearl, diamond and gemstone drop earrings are available in various settings.

Necklaces and Pendants.Necklaces come in an assortment of styles, including heavier chains, links, and braids. Some necklaces feature a fixed set of diamonds or gemstones, where others have stones that run their entire length. Pendants feature charms or jewels that are suspended from a chain.

Pearl Strands. Pearl strands are an essential element to a woman's jewelry wardrobe. She can wear one with a dress to create a classy look. Many women start out with a strand of faux-pearls, so a strand of freshwater pearls makes a very nice gift for a young woman.

Solitaire Pendants. The simple design of a solitaire pendant allows all the attention to focus on a beautiful diamond, pearl, or gemstone. These timeless pieces can be worn with a dress or with jeans. For a special occasion like a birthday or your first wedding anniversary, consider a solitaire pendant featuring a pearl or diamond.

Period Brooches. The most popular of these are Mourning, Cameos and Portrait brooches, all of which are steeped in history and tradition. These make great conversation pieces:

Portrait.This started in the eighteenth century through bringing portraiture into a brooch.

Mourning.The practice began as an expression of mourning, then expanded to keepsakes of loved ones who were living.

Cameo.Cameo is a method of carving an object, such as a jewelry piece or gem, which creates a raised relief.

Bracelets.For an important occasion like a graduation or a promotion, give a pearl bracelet - perfectly suited for one of these formal occasions. Basic types of bracelets are:

Chain.This is the classic bracelet. You'll find a variety of chain designs, like the traditional round-link or wheat chain, in a variety of metals like sterling silver, 18k gold, and platinum.

Pearl.A pearl bracelet is a traditional piece of jewelry. It adds a dressy touch to anything a woman wears, from jeans to a cocktail dress. Or one can formalize the look with a matching pearl necklace and earrings.

Bangle.A bangle bracelet can be worn by itself for a simple look, or can be combined with several other bangles. Bangles draw the eye with metallic shine, and bangles clinking together make a pleasant sound.

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